Technical event support, video and presentation equipment rental

Ceník pronájmů prezentační techniky v angličtině. Rental price list in English.

The company JOINMUSIC is engaged in renting projection equipment and technical support of cultural and social events since 2001. We have many satisfied clients who come to us with confidence with their requirements. We can offer all our services to you as well.
For our clients, we provide sound and lighting, stage and roofing, and we like to call ourselves specialists in video projection.

Prezidentská kampaň MUDr. Zuzany Rithové Advanced Project Management Forum, London UK

vánoční konference Gepard finance circle projection

Rental of projection equipment


Are you organizing a corporate event, a conference, a presentation, workshop or celebration? If you lack the necessary projection equipment, we offer it for rent. In case of your interest, here you can purchase mentioned projection equipment.

For complete price list of rent projection equipment, please click here.

projections screens projection screen

projections circle projection

List of projection equipment

-          Plasma TV Full HD, 60", 50", 42"

-          Plasma TV, 50", 42"

-          LCD TV, 32", 22", 19"

-          Projectors

-          Frame projection screens (screen sizes: 1,5x2m; 1,8x2,4m; 2x2,7m; 2,7x3,6m; 4x3m; 6x4,5m; 10x7,5m)

-          Retractable projection screens

-          Tripod projection screens

-          Presentation Switchers/Scalers

-          Video Line Amplifiers

-          Intensity Shuttle USB

-          DVD players

-          Notebooks

-          Converters USB to HDMI/VGA

-          Video Mixers

-          Interchangeable lenses (wide angle, telescopic)

-          Vikuiti film

-          VGA amplifiers

-          Flipchart paper

-          Mouse

-          Laser pointer

-          Walkie-talkie

-          Digital camera MiniDV

-          DVCAM

-          HDV camera

-          Mikroport

-          MiniDV tapes

-          Tripods

Rental of lighting equipment

Rental of lighting equipment from JOINMUSIC is the right way to achieve professional lighting with low cost. If you do not know what lighting technology is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

4 blinder Pronájem osvětlovací techniky

PAR light Avolites 2000

For complete price list of rent lighting equipment, please click here.

List of lighting equipment

-          4 eyes blinder light, 2600W

-          Halogen 250W, 500W, 1000W

-          Inteligent spot head 1200W, 575W

-          LED RGB PAR 64

-          PAR 56 300W

-          PAR 64 1 kW

-          Profile spot 750W

-          Scan 1200W

-          Strobo DMX 2500W

-          Wash head 250W, 575W

-          UV lights 1000W

-          Lighting controller & mixer

-          Hazers

-          Cables

Rental of audio equipment

For complete price list of rent audio equipment, please click here.

Reproductor active 400W, RCF ART 315A mkIII American Audio TRI PACK II SYSTEM

Skytec SPJ-PA 915, mobilní sada 700W  Modecom MC-MSF50

List of audio equipment

-          Active speakers, 50W, 60W, 80W, 360W, 400W

-          Passive speakers,

-          Tri pack systém (2xsatellite, 1xsubwoofer)

-          Active mobile PA speaker systems (speaker, 2x microphone)

-          Audio mixers

-          CD players

-          Gramophone

-          Amplifiers

-          Microphones


Rental of roofing

List of roofing

Roofing is available in various sizes. The most commonly used are variants of dimensions (plan view) 17x12m, 12x10m, 8x6m, 8x6m light, 5x6m, and heights up to 9m.

Approximate price list of complete rental for basic stage dimensions:

Price includes a full lease of the stage (flooring + roofing), transportation and installation and dismantling work are included. Prices are the model example for a one-day event in Prague, VAT excluded, with recommended flooring and roofing size combinations.

Roofing 6x5m, height 3,5m + flooring 6x4m, height 60cm             14.000 Kč

Roofing 9x7m, height 4,5m + flooring 8x6m, height 80cm             25.000 Kč

Roofing 13x11m, height 7m + flooring 12x10m, height 100cm      45.000 Kč

Roofing 17x12m, height 9m + flooring 16x11m, height 120cm      70.000 Kč

stage stage

stage 6x4m stage

Rent a cheap roofing for events with a limited budget

Rent roofing for smaller events


Rental of flooring

Detail Rola Trac Lite Rola Trac Lite

Mobilní plastová podlaha Rola Trac (detail) Mobilní plastová podlaha Rola Trac mj. pro hudební akce a festivaly - Muzikál na ledě

List of flooring

-          Nivtec platform (heights 20-150cm, sizes: 0,5x1m, 0,5x2m, 1x1m and 1x2m) the stage thus can be built in virtually any size and shape.

-          Mobile floor (is a unique system for creating paved areas. It consists of lightweight collapsible plastic sheets, which during installation simply click together as a "puzzle".

o   Rola Trac Lite - Static load 15t/m2 walkable

o   Rola Trac – Static load 32,5t/m2 – walkable

o   Supa Trac Lite – Static load 54t/m2 – drivable

o   Supa Trac Rec – Static load 36t/m2 – drivable


Rental of tents

List of tents

-          Scissor tent 3x3m White (price for one day is 1000 Kč, VAT excluded)

-          Party tent 10x6m (price for one day is 5000 Kč, VAT excluded)

tent 3x3m tent 10x6m


Smile clouds

Need to refresh your event? We offer Smile Clouds - ensuring complete refreshment of your event - the world's first fully automatic maker of artificial clouds, without manual operation.

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Dolphin SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Snowflake

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Apple SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Lining

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Benz SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Plane

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Star SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Love

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Multi SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Smile

You can create any shape or logo according to your specifications.