Technical event support, video and presentation equipment rental

Ceník pronájmů prezentační techniky v angličtině. Rental price list in English.

The company JOINMUSIC is engaged in renting projection equipment and technical support of cultural and social events since 2001. We have many satisfied clients who come to us with confidence with their requirements. We can offer all our services to you as well.
For our clients, we provide sound and lighting, stage and roofing, and we like to call ourselves specialists in video projection.

Prezidentská kampaň MUDr. Zuzany Rithové Advanced Project Management Forum, London UK

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Rental of projection equipment

Are you organizing a corporate event, a conference, a presentation, workshop or celebration? If you lack the necessary projection equipment, we offer it for rent. In case of your interest, here you can purchase mentioned projection equipment.

For complete price list of rent projection equipment, please click here.

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Smile clouds

Need to refresh your event? We offer Smile Clouds - ensuring complete refreshment of your event - the world's first fully automatic maker of artificial clouds, without manual operation.

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Dolphin SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Snowflake

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Apple SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Lining

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Benz SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Plane

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Star SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Love

SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Multi SmileClouds_CloudMachine_Smile

You can create any shape or logo according to your specifications.